Granite has quickly become the material of choice in hotels since it is the most cost effective material when maintenance  and value is factored in.  Even the initial price is becoming competitive with tile, laminate or plastic when "cut to fit" programs are employed for 25 units or more.

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Star Marble recognizes that during the past 10 years many residential properties have increased the use of marble and other natural stone to achieve an appearance of natural elegant beauty in their homes.

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The name reflects our age and time in business. Back 14 years ago when we chose the name, most stone work was with marble where it was used in kitchens and bathrooms because of its warmth and character.

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The New Tone Is Stone

But we are not new to the stone business.  Many people know Star Tiles and Marbles has been providing quality stone work and granite countertops in Denver for over 14 years.  Star Tiles and Marbles employs meticulous craftsman and creative personnel that maintain an intense dedication to detail; including matching and polishing seams, generating precise layouts, and delivering well planned installations.  With our CNC routing and polishing equipment, we have strengthened our ability to provide beautiful kitchens, gorgeous bathrooms, tubs and showers, stunning fireplaces, art niches and more!

Hotels and commercial properties


Slab granite or stone is an investment that adds value to your home or commercial building.

Stone is versatile, functional, durable, heat resistant, scratch resistant and low maintenance because there’s no grout and caulk lines to clean.

Granite countertops are an investment that you will not regret.

  • Polishing & Crystallizing Of Marble, granite, lime stone & Sand Stone
  • Marble, granite, ceramic Tiles Fixing

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Marble Polising

We work with some of the most acclaimed kitchen designers in Colorado and take pride in the strong relationships we have developed with many of the area's leading architects, designers, contractors, and kitchen dealers.


Advantages of Laser Templating and CNC Fabricating Laser Templating

Expedites design review by builders and designers with digital measurements.

Increases accuracy; unmatched by stick and cardboard templates that warp, bend.

Reduces work required onsite to make pieces fit, due to precision cutting

Improves communication and hardcopy feedback to builders and designers for verification and alterations, with detailed sink and faucet size and placement

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